Deedee O’Malley, a women who rocks with her own style, though not unlike Melissa Etheridge in terms of edgy energy.  Some record company exes’s gonna be kicking himself when someone else nabs this woman and her band” -The Los Angeles Music Awards’s selections committee

Deedee O’Malley is not your ordinary Singer/Songwriter. Her concerts are filled with funny, spiritually challenging and sometimes sad stories that give her audience an insight into what inspired many of the songs they hear. Many of O’Malley’s fans have begged her to put her stories on her Cds. Her answer is always the same.

“Why come to the concert, if you can hear it all at home?”

Deedee thinks of her Cds as souvenirs of her live shows. When her audience listens to them, they will automatically remember the wonderful stories she told out on the stage and that will bring a whole new dimension to the experience.

With a catalog of over 1,000 songs, a dynamic history of hundreds of live performances and industry-wide raves from Sheryl Crow, rock god Billy Sheehan and Nancy Cartwright (aka the voice of Bart Simpson), it might seem hard to pinpoint a single moment that captures the deep emotional impact that singer, songwriter and all around musical Renaissance woman Deedee O’Malley has on her audience. But the three time John Lennon Songwriting Contest winner, who captured her trademark optimistic spirit in the title of her critically acclaimed album Beautiful L.A., has no trouble putting on those rose colored (literally!) glasses and coming up with a winner.

“There is a certain magic that happens when a singer conveys the honesty of a song and people connect with that reality,” says Deedee. “A great song is one that everyone can relate to, one that brings people together, whether they’re laughing, smiling or crying. Everyone loves a great story. Since I was a kid, all I wanted to do was make people smile. And since I wrote my first song at 13, I knew that I wanted to make music that would wake people up and make them laugh, smile and think.”

Thousands of people of all ages in her adopted home region of Southern California have seen her perform at L.A. hotspots like The Whiskey and Genghis Cohen, on tours sponsored by Starbucks and at hundreds of junior high and high schools. She’s done everything from singing the National Anthem for 27,000 runners at the Los Angeles Marathon to sharing the stage with LeAnn Rimes, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell and Ambrosia. She’s also sung with Jermaine Jackson, Patti Labelle and The Pointer Sisters.

Film and Television

Tony Scuddelari, the head of Sony television Music saw Deedee open for Stephen Bishop and has placed many of her songs on popular television shows. Music Supervisors have heard her albums and placed her music on Dawson’s Creek, Strong Medicine, Party of Five and Beautiful People to name a few. Deedee has two songs off her New York Girl cd coming out in The new movie The Chateau Meroux, starring Christopher Lloyd (Back to The Future) Deedee’s songs My Favorite Dessert and Share Your World will be featured throughout the movie as well as the end credits.

Deedee O’Malley was chosen over 30 of the hottest songwriters and composers in Los Angeles to write the commercial jingle for the popular Moxie Girlz line of dolls; her jangling song “Moxie Girl” is heard approximately every 15 minutes on Saturday morning TV. While a young girl is singing that jingle, Deedee has been the featured vocalist on other commercials for everything from Heinz Ketchup to Avis Rent A Car, Toshiba, IBM and Frisbee. You can also the theme song she co-wrote with Janet Cole Valdez, Tom Valdez, Carl McGregor and Jerohn McGregor, called “Live, Life and Win” on Fox Television every Saturday morning

“I love the diversity and being able to jump back and forth between so many interesting projects,” she says. “It’s never just about me, it’s really about bringing great music to the world. And there are so many ways to do that. If I have to take time away from my own projects to write a song for a specific project or event that is focused around a powerful message, I am excited to do that because that in turn helps other people get great messages out there.”

Her first album Simple was chosen the #1 Indie CD of the Year by Music Connection Magazine. In addition to her two Lennon songwriting contest wins, she received the Los Angeles Music Awards Singer/Songwriter of the Year for her second album Beautiful L.A., which received a perfect 10 from the judges and helped Deedee win The Sarah McLachlan Lilith Fair Contest sponsored by Star 98.7.

Russ Regan, the music industry icon credited with discovering and “opening doors” for everyone from Elton John and Barry White to Neil Diamond and The Beach Boys, is one of Dee Dee’s biggest fans and summed up her inimitable skills best: “There is no one better who can write a lyric so easy to remember and a melody so hard to forget.”