New Musical Waiting For Johnny Depp

The zany life of an actress (starring Deedee O'Malley) up for the role of a lifetime. Starts January 10 through Jan. 26th at The Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood, CA. Continue reading

Coming Up With The Idea

When choosing a topic for your song make it something you care deeply about.

When you are truly connected to what you want to say, all the barriers will go away. Once you’ve chosen an idea, write a short scenario describing what your song is about. For example: Boy meets girl and knows the minute he sees her that she is his ideal girl. A lot of people can sing and a lot of people can write but not a lot of people can tell the truth. The truth is what people love to hear in a song!

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Music Producer Becomes A Fan

Concert at the Whiskey A-Go-Go

At the recent Whiskey A-Go-Go concert, award-winning music producer and songwriter Carl McGregor was among those in the packed house. I have always admired Carl’s musicianship and professionalism, and he came up to me after… Continue reading

Music Connection Magazine Review: Simple

Review except of CD Simple:

This is a delicate, fully-arranged album of intelligent story songs from a mature-sounding singer-songwriter. Sweet but not sacharine, O’Malley’s voice really connects. A full acoustic band complements each track effectively. Earthy and pastoral to the… Continue reading