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10 Easy Steps To Writing A Song Seminar [Video]+ Manual [eBook]

Anyone Can Learn How to Write a Hit Song with this Amazing Songwriting Seminar along with Deedee’s interactive Songwriting Manual “10 Easy Steps To Writing A Song” (eBook)

The only interactive manual in the world where you write three songs before finishing it!

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$19.95 eBook

 O’Malley’s revolutionary songwriting approach incorporates a “Ten Easy Step” process which has been honed by years of composing and performing..  O’Malley has taught songwriting at USC and has lectured in hundreds of Southern California high schools, as well as internationally, on the art of songwriting. For 15 years she has been one of L.A.’s TOP songwriting instructors, conducting  both private sessions and workshops. -Jonathan Widran Music Connection Magazine


  • What Makes a Hit Song
  • How to Cure Writer’s Block Forever!
  • How to Write Intelligent and Clever Lyrics
  • A Simple Method to Write Unforgettable Melodies!
  • All About Song Structure
  • How to Sell Your Songs…and so much more!