Music Connection Magazine Review: Simple

Review except of CD Simple:

This is a delicate, fully-arranged album of intelligent story songs from a mature-sounding singer-songwriter. Sweet but not sacharine, O’Malley’s voice really connects. A full acoustic band complements each track effectively. Earthy and pastoral to the max, this is well-worth a listen by A&R types looking for real talent. -Music Connection Magazine

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  • Michael says:

    My take on “Simple” cd – A breath of fresh air is the only way to describe this multi talented artist. This cd has Deedee O’Malley giving her perspective of life, its problems and lessons to be learned. She reflects technical proficiency and displays the passion and life given to these songs. The original fundamental of her music, Deedee lays down the roots of where it all began. People look to go back to basics. “Simple” will lead them there, as she orchestrates and gives her heart & soul to her love of music.

    When first listening to Simple, it gives a warm and honest feeling of challenges you faced in the past and how you overcame. Deedee has a unique style which one can’t copy. She makes each song her own as if she faced each situation or relaying stories of others and how they coped.

    “That’s How You Got to Me, Baby” is plain, simple and straightforward with its sound her perception and delivery.

    “Spring Is Here”, “Peace of Mind” and “Pictures in My Mind” all provide a soft, low-keyed ambiance making one wanting to reflect back on their lives as you listen to what she has to say.

    “Simple”, “Perfect Love” and “Lessons I’ve Learned” provide a deep insight of who we are, what we’re about and of our longings and desires. These will show past mistakes we made, what we’ve learned and how it could have been better. The message is how one can overcome all for the good. Deedee’s songs and stories leave you wanting more.

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