“Waiting For Johnny Depp” the musical


Deedee O’Malley has lived in the community for over 20 years. Originally from New York, this award winning singer, writer, actor and dancer became so much more than a triple threat.

“I started writing songs on my guitar when I was thirteen and after growing up in community theatre, got my BFA at Hofstra University in Theatre Arts. I played many diverse roles growing up and always found time to write and sing my own original music. It was a natural evolution, in my later years, to combine all of my talents in writing musicals. Theatre is most definitely the ultimate medium where you get to write, sing, dance and tell your story in 3D.”

After writing several musicals of her own, Deedee teamed up with the very talented Janet Cole Valdez and Bettie Ross to form a power house trio. The Three women wrote the musical “Waiting For Johnny Depp” which was voted, by Stage Raw magazine, to be the second best show in Los Angeles in 2016! Even more impressive Deedee O’Malley recently received the award for Best Actor in a one person performance at the 2017 Valley Theatre Awards! Congratulations Deedee!!!!!

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  • Diane and Mike Herriott says:

    DeeDee!!! So enjoyed the show!!! You are so fabulous!!! It was like we hadn’t seen the first one!! To us it was totally new!!! Your ‘tribute” song was so beautiful–I know it was from the heart and I cried !! Our love to you and continued success!!! Mike and Diane

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