About Performing On Stage

Performance Tips from Deedee …

  1. Own the room and own your songs!
  2. Show up at your gig an hour early and walk around the theatre. Get comfortable with the venue you are playing. Make it your space!
  3. Don’t think of yourself as a body when you sing There is someone operating that body and that someone is you. You are a spiritual being and you are cause over your body to the degree that you understand that. Try going out to the audience without using your body. Put your attention and intention into reaching everyone! This works like magic when you want to connect with your audience.
  4. Be more interested than interesting. Be interested in getting your message across to your audience. An interesting artist is thinking, “Hey look at me! An interested artist is intending his message across to the audience and truly cares that it gets there.
  5. Connect all the way to the back of the venue. Do not sing to the first row alone. Even the guys in the last row are important and paid to get in. Make sure you reach them!
  6. Tell a little story on stage of what inspired your song. This gives the audience something different to take home. Your CD will most likely not contain these stories. If you do this on stage, your audience will listen to your CD when they get home and will remember the stories that inspired those songs.

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