Deedee O’Malley excels in Multiple Roles” -The New York Inner Voice

Deedee O’Malley who plays Tracy in our film is a very very funny lady. It was very hard to get that scene because we were laughing so hard during her improvisation-Ted Prescott (Director of America’s Phoneless)

Deedee O’Malley is most well known on the East Coast as an award winning Actress. Funny enough, she is mostly known on the West Coast as an award winning Singer/Songwriter.

She began her career in community Theatre on Long Island in New York. She graduated with a BFA in Theatre from Hofstra University and went on to perform in over 60 musicals including the off-broadway production of Sneakers, where she not only wrote three songs for the show but created one of the lead characters.

Deedee has a habit of either writing songs for shows that she eventually stars in or getting starring roles in productions where she is eventually asked to write the music. Deedee loves these kind of situations as it brings many of her talents together in the same forum.

Deedee O’Malley studied improvisation with Paul Sills while living in Manhattan. Her favorite challenges are being given a song or a scene to improv on the set of a movie. She has starred in a Hallmark and S.O.S commercial.She’s had several cameos in films, from a love crazed rock n’ roll groupie in Benny Bliss and The Disciples of Greatness, to The Wise Old Singing Tree in The Inspirational children’s television show, The Wiz Kidz.

Deedee has written over 24 songs for the musical , “No Time to Weep” revolving around the life of holocaust survivor Lucy Deutsch. The musical is scheduled to open in January 2012. She is currently working on two more musicals of a somewhat secret nature. You will hear both of them in 2012.

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