Deedee O’Malley is the author of “10 Easy Steps to Writing a Song.” It is the only songwriting book in the world that has you writing three songs before finishing it.

This information has the power to rehabilitate a songwriter at ANY level of success. – Billy Sheehan, Bassist, Niacin and Mr. Big

When a great songwriter and teacher such as Deedee is willing to pass the torch, I advise you take it and run!” -John Novello, pianist/composer/author/music educator/producer

Deedee has much to convey that will expand any songwriter’s consciousness. -Geoff Levin, Composer and Songwriter over 50 songs in feature films, music in over 190 Emmy Award winning shows, charted on Billboard

Always seeing the silver lining in any cloud, Deedee O’Malley became the author of a hilarious autobiographical musical book called “The Lemonade Maker.” It is a book of stories accompanied by a cd of songs which help tell the story of how seemingly tragic events or “Life’s lemons” were used by Deedee to inspire so many of her great songs.

Little did she know, at the time she was writing her songs, that the rest of the world would find such reality, truth and beauty in the real life events that inspired her music. O’Malley encourages the reader to find the Lemonade maker in themselves and to use the motion of life when it hits us to our advantage.

Keep an eye out for this precious and unique book/cd. Deedee will be attending quite a few singing/book signings at several coffee shops and unique venues across the country in 2012. Subscribe to our mailing list and we will let you know when her lemonade stand is in your neighborhood.!

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