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This is an outstanding music production team. They deliver exactly what they promise and the best part is they have access to the who’s who of musicians in town. It’s not surprising to see Tommy Brechtlein( Kenny Loggins Drummer) Michael Shure (Bob Dylan’s guitarist) Bettie Blumer (pianist for Heart and Melissa Manchester) or Baraka DiCandia (guitarist for Unwritten Law and Live) on any given day.

Singer/Songwriters get to have the top musicians in the world play on their CD’s. The other unique thing is that, if needed, they help you get your song into Grammy Award winning, radio-ready shape before they produce it so you don’t waste a lot of time and money producing a song that may need a little tuning up.)

The studio is run by multiple award winning Writer/Producer Deedee O’Malley. Their Engineer Richard P. Robinson, has engineered for everyone from Fleetwood Mac to The Rolling Stones. He is a legend!! Great Prices considering who is playing on your music. I give it a 5 thumbs up. Wow I guess that makes me sound a bit deformed, but you get the point!!! – Michael O

Deedee O’Malley is no stranger to the recording studio having been the featured lead vocalist on so many major television commercial theme songs from Heinz Ketchup to Avis Rent-a-Car in addition to singing back up vocals for Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, The Pointer Sisters and Patti LaBelle. The best kind of producers have been on both sides of the glass….. or “the camera” as actor/directors like to say and Deedee O’Malley’s extensive recording career has helped make her the kind of producer that fully understands the universe of a recording artist.

A great music producer has to understand the vision of the artist. Deedee O’Malley spends a lot of time before the actual writing or recording of a song just listening to the artist and understanding their influences. Deedee says, “Sometimes producers can really get in the way of the song and the artist. A very green producer can get so carried away with his own production that the song and the artist just sort of disappear. It’s a kind of a music masterbation.” This New York Girl has no problem stating things as they are.

Each artist that comes into the studio has a very different ideal scene they want to achieve. Each artist has a unique story they want to tell and my job is to get that story told in the most aesthetic audio package possible.”

Over the years Deedee has had some of the best session musicians in the world play on her albums. She has cultivated quite an arsenal of excellent studio cats that enjoy the projects she brings them.

“So much of what goes into a great album is a combination of stellar songs, musicians, engineers, mixers and producers. If all five of these elements are at the highest of levels, it’s really hard to fail.

I give the same attention to my clients that I would give to my own music. My job is to put beautifully written and produced songs out into the universe that uplift people. We need more great artists in this world to reverse the downward spiral of this planet”



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